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The Esprit project COMPARE

COMpiler generation for PARrallel machinEs is the name of the ESPRIT project (#5399) which ran from January 1991 to April 1995.

Here you will find the description of COMPARE and its compangon-project PREPARE (#6516). More information is available by searching in the ESPRIT project data base using the two project numbers: 5399 (COMPARE) and 6516 (PREPARE).

People of the COMPARE project
People working within the project.

COMPARE Project Mission

The purpose of COMPARE was to produce generic compiler technology for a family of compilers that will be leading in performance, from the mid nineties, for the then emerging parallel hardware and processor architecture.

The COMPARE project brought together leading European specialists from industry and academia to form a focus of the European expertise in this field.

One of its major outcomes was the CoSy compilation system, which has now been put onto the market.


More Information

For more information about COMPARE please contact ACE <info@ace.nl> or any other project partner.

My Work on the Project

My doctoral thesis was completed in the context of this project.

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